5 Corner Full Cable


The South Coast’s only 5 corner Full Cable System


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Constructed in 2013, our Rixen 5 corner Full Cable System is the first cable system in the South and offers you the very latest in cable wakeboarding technology.


The main cable is for people who have been on a wakeboard before. Whether behind a boat, or on another cable system, the main cable can be accessible to all. We do recommend those who haven’t wakeboarded before to have at least one lesson on our straight line cable. On average it takes between 2 – 5 15 minute lessons on our System 2.0 Straight Line Cable before a beginner is ready to tackle the Main Cable.

The cable can take up to 6 riders at one time, with others waiting in the queue ready to fill a space when someone falls off. We currently allow a maximum of 15 riders per 2 hour session.


Riding Prices

We currently do not offer a ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ price. Please check our opening times to find out our operational days throughout the season.


  • 2 Hours


Please Note: The Main Cable is ONLY available to Book Online as we operate 2 hour sessions with a maximum of 15 participants.

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Wake Park Sessions

Instead of kids mornings and ladies mornings and beginners courses on the main cable we now offer ‘Slow Sessions’.

‘Slow Sessions’


Slow sessions are available to book online and operate on a regular basis throughout the summer. The cable runs at a slower speed (27kph) in order to aid beginners round the 5 corners. We do advise you have tried wakeboarding before you book on for a slow session. Suitable for participants aged 11+.

All sessions are on set days only and are all bookable online

Equipment Hire

 2 hour rental

  • Wetsuit

  • Bouyancy Aid

  • Helmet

  • Waterskis/Kneeboard

  • Standard Wakeboard

  • Premium Wakeboard

  • Waterskis/Kneeboard Package

    Includes wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet

  • Standard Wakeboard Package

    Includes wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet


Features on the Lake

For the advanced riders we have various features on the lake, all made professionally by Rixen. We currently have:

Rookie Kicker

This kicker only has a slight transition and is clearly shorter than its big mates. Hence it is ideal for first jumps. Nevertheless: approaching this shape in the right angle will already give you proper air time.

ROOKIE | beginner line
SIZE | L: 2,8 /W: 2,0 / H: 0,6 meter
RIDING | low jump

Medium Kicker

In this case medium isn’t a minimisation. This kicker can either be hit gently or give you the airtime you desire.


COMMON | advanced Iine
SIZE | L: 4,1 /W: 2,3 / H: 1,1 meter
RIDING | long jump

Large Kicker

This shape doesn’t hold back and already boosts you up in the air without additionally popping off the kicker. If you pop off properly this kicker will give you massive airtime.

COMMON | advanced line
SIZE | L: 4,1 /W: 2,3 / H: 1,3 meter
RIDING | high jump

Rookie Rainbow

Due to the gentle arch, the rookie rainbowbox is a perfect trainer for your press skills.


ROOKIE | beginner line
SIZE | L: 11,7 / W: 1,0 / H: 0.8 meter
RIDING | rainbow box


The butterbox, aka flatbox, is an easy-to-ride feature. Nevertheless the pros don’t want to miss it in their park since its the easiest way to gain new rail skills. Later on you can transfer your new learned abilities to all the other shapes.

COMMON | advanced line
SIZE | L: 23,5 /W: 1,0 / H: 0,5 meter
RIDING | flat box


An absolute classic when it comes to feature shapes. While beginners primarily use the lateral box the advanced riders spend time gapping and transferring.


COMMON | advanced line
SIZE | L: 17,4 / W: 2,4 / H: 1,5 meter
RIDING | A-frame rail / table / transfer to down rail


An absolute old-school shape which experienced a revival in the past years. This shape is particularly popular with riders who don’t get to ride often since its already loads of fun when sliding it in a simple boardslide. Take off the last bit for a change and there you go, its a super-smooth rainbowbox.

COMMON | advanced line
SIZE | L: 23,2 /W: 0,5 / H: 1,5 meter
RIDING | rainbow box / short jump


You have to find the inner child in you to ride the cannon. Have fun on it with jib style and honk the nose.

CUSTOM | custom line
SIZE | L: 9,6 / W: 4,8 / H: 2 meter
RIDING | Cannon


The combination of A-framed tube and kickers – offers more variations of tricks and transfer jumps. Definitively a highlight in the park.

CUSTOM | custom line
SIZE | L: 18,7 / W: 4,8 / H: 2,1 meter
RIDING | Beast


So many ways to hit, the quarter pipe, kicker, step and rail, come together to make an exciting custom-made feature.

CUSTOM | custom line
SIZE | L: 18,0 / W: 4,5 / H: 2,0 meter
RIDING | Tsunami