System 2.0 Cable


2 Tower Straight Line Cable


The Beginning!

This is where we advise beginners to start. A system 2.0 straight line cable is a 2 tower system, allowing riders to wakeboard 150m under the constant control and instruction from one of our coaches. Suitable for beginners up to advanced riders. Please note: we have no features on the System 2.0.


Lessons take place with one of our instructors on a one to one basis. Therefore it is just you and your instructor.

Once wakeboarding is perfected on the System 2.0, the main cable can be used for fast progression onto tricks, jumps and rails.



  • 15 minutes

    includes equipment


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Benefits of the System 2.0

The benefits of learning to wakeboard on a System 2.0 include:

  • The height of a System 2.0 is far greater than the tow point of any boat. This allows the rider to be pulled out and on top of the water with ease.
  • Perfect speed is easily obtained by our experienced operator.

  • Having no wake to contend with will help fill a beginner with confidence as they stand up for the first time on glassy flat water.
  • With zero emissions and extremely low noise output, the System 2.0 secures itself as the future of wakeboarding.

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