Open Water Swimming


Open Water Swimming


Now Available at New Forest Water Park!

A great activity for rookie swimmers up to seasoned triathletes. We have 2 swim courses, a 300m triangular loop and a 500m diamond loop. We have a spotter present on all of our swim sessions to ensure safety first. It is mandatory that swimmers wear a bright coloured swim hat and advised that a wetsuit is worn.

We are now an official NOWCA (National Open Water Coaching Association) site, therefore you must be a NOWCA member to swim with us. It’s very easy to register and just £15 per year. You’ll also have access to other NOWCA sites as well as data from all of your swims and an easy ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ method. Please go to to join up now.


Once you are a member of NOWCA, you can book open water swimming at our site through the ACTIO app on your phone. Simply download the ACTIO app and click on our site to see all the available swimming times.


  • 1 hour swim

    must be aged 10 and over

  • 1.5hr Swim Session

    must be age 10 and over


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