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2 Tower Straight Line Cable

This is where we advise beginners to start. A system 2.0 straight line cable is a 2 tower system, allowing riders to wakeboard 150m under the constant control and instruction from one of our coaches. Suitable for beginners up to advanced riders. Please note: we have no features on the System 2.0.

Lessons take place with one of our instructors on a one to one basis. Therefore it is just you and your instructor.

Once wakeboarding is perfected on the System 2.0 (usually takes 2-5 lessons), the main cable can be pre-booked and used for fast progression onto tricks, jumps and rails.

Price Plans

System 2.0 Cable


£35/ 15 mins
Includes equipment.
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Wake Park


£500/ per year

50% off system 2.0 sessions.

50% off main cable sessions.

Access to our members' campsite (overnight fees apply).

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  • The height of a System 2.0 is far greater than the tow point of any boat. This allows the rider to be pulled out and on top of the water with ease.
  • Perfect speed is easily obtained by our experienced operator.
  • Having no wake to contend with will help fill a beginner with confidence as they stand up for the first time on glassy flat water.
  • With zero emissions and extremely low noise output, the System 2.0 secures itself as the future of wakeboarding.
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